Eric TK Chou

I am a Physicist with a PhD in Engineering accompanied with a broad range of technical skills, an insatiable intellectual curiosity and a breadth of knowledge and experience in research related to Data manipulation using Data Science DS, Machine Learning ML, and Artificial Intelligence AI. I am a highly motivated and creative, and a positive individual. I work with large sets of structured and unstructured data, using advanced analysis and interpretation techniques for analyzing data associated with industrial activities.

Current projects include the development of a new breath of derivative trading strategy with the aid of DS & ML, and the development of a new generation ML algorithm for private aerospace industries.

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Over 6 years of university teaching at the rank of lecturer in Mathematics and Applied Geophysics

Private-sector work experience

Plenty of office and field experiences
Over 8 years of experience working with private sectors


2 years as research associate
Over 11 years of research experience

Partner / Physicist / Engineering / Data Scientist

Strategic Thinking, Modeling, Analytics, Communications and Project Management